When you IX6560 Canon printer stops printing and there is a warning error 5B00, it signifies Canon Pixma Printer you have to reset.
  • Download Resetter ix6560 error 5b00
  • Printer Canon ix6560 must be in a state of SERVICE MODE. How to make the printer service mode read the next step.
  • The printer must be turned off
  • Press and hold the Resume button approximately 2 seconds, then press the Power button
  • Release push Resume button (Power button remains pressed)
  • Press the Resume button 6 times and release both of buttons (Power & Resume)
  • Wait a few seconds until the Power light is normal again
  • Your computer will detect the new hardware. ignore it
  • The next step Extract and Run Resetter ix6560 you download
  • On the "menu" Clear ink absorber counter select "Main" then click the "SET" to the right.
  • On the "menu" ink absorber counter select "Main" then click the "SET" on the right
  • If an error occurs when clicks set 002 etc., change your selection in the "menu" ink absorber Counter, then click set up ix6560 error reply 5B00 successfully reset.
  • Then click EEPROM. then the printer will print one page.
  • ix6560 error 5B00 will return to normal

How to fix the Canon ix6560 "error 5B00"

Link Download Resetter Printer Canon ix6560

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