Waste Ink Counter MP160/MP145

Waste Ink Counter MP160/MP145
How to reset Canon Waste Ink Counter MP160/MP145
Before reset check out error messages appear on your printer lcd:
The following methods are used to fix the printer that has a message ERROR E27
  • Turn off the printer (make sure the power cord still attached), press and hold STOP / RESET then press and hold the ON / OFF button and release the STOP / RESET
  • then press the STOP / RESET 2x
  • Release both buttons and the printer is now in SERVICE MODE (on the printer's LCD shows "0")
  • After the lights on / off the green, please press the STOP / RESET accordance with the following guidelines:  * press 1x = Orange flame lights> for "Service pattern print"   * press 2x = light green flame > to "EEPROM print"   * press 3x = Orange flame lights> for "EEPROM reset"   * press 4x = light Green flame> to "Waste ink counter reset"
  • Turn the printer off and unplug the POWER.
  • Turn back your printer.

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